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Faltering Steps into the Breach.....
Update posted by Tom Hatton On Feb 13

Chris has posted his first progress update from the Arctic - https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspot...

Apparently the temperatures are so low there that the snow doesn't even stick together for Snowmen! He is working on the problem, however and will have something for everyone who sponsored when he gets back. I am literally in awe of what he is doing at the moment, I was out in the cold and rain of the UK for a few hours on the weekend and was pretty much done in after a few hours! Let alone dragging all your own kit and camping out in it!

We managed to peg out the outline of the Treehouse Project, however. Video of this, taken by me whilst shivering limply in the rain, will follow shortly. We have enough funding now to begin the 1st stage of construction, though a very long path lies ahead of us to complete this thing. People like Chris continue to inspire me, however and help me to know that we are going to do this.


it will happen, you will do it......

susan hatton

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