Updates on Buddhist Monastery Urgyen Samdrup Ling and monks need immediate help!

Our Situation has Worsened Please Help!
Update posted by Olivia Spiteri On Apr 14

Tree by the monastery

To all those concerned, due to heavy rainfall in our region here in Tenga Valley, the rain has caused the monastery's foundation to soften and hence becoming unstable, an old tree which resides next to the monastery has protruded it's roots upwards toward the floor of the main prayer room. This has made our abbot, monks and community members quite anxious, so please dear friends we need your immediate help.

Crack which is caused by the roots protruding


To our most gracious and kind donors, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in trying to save our one and only home and monastery. We the monks, Yogis and devotees would always acknowledge your kindness, we are keeping you in our prayers, and through your kindness may the Buddhas bless you in every path you take within your life. We are grateful for your help, but the fact is we are desperately in need of more funds, we would like to begin construction work soon so that the critical damages of the monastery would be repaired immediately, before the weather and environment could cast further damages, please help us, we are really in need of more funds for reparations. Thank you for your loving kindness and compassion, may you all have a long and happy life. Tashi delek and Sarva Mangalam Bhavantu.

Olivia Spiteri

Update posted by May 03


Tashi delek we all monks from urgyensamdrup ling monastery we really appreciate your kindness and compassion because of you atleast we can start to save our only shelter and monastery we all monks thank you all dharma brother’s and sister’s(donors) because of your precious donation our monastery will rebuild thank you again to your kindness and compassion.MAY GURU MAHA SUKHHA BLESS YOU ALL AND BECAUSE OF YOUR KINDNESS AND COMPASSION ALL MOTHER SAINTAIN BEINGS BE PROTECT,MAY DHARMA FLOURISH IN TEN DIRECTIONS,MAY MAY ALL MOTHER SAINTAIN BEINGS BE FREE FROM ALL SAMSARIK SUFFERINGS........SARWA MANGLAM VAVATU.............

Olivia Spiteri

Update posted by Apr 17

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