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Pulmonary Rehab
Update posted by Douglas Leipert On Dec 21

Today was my second visit to the pulmonary rehab center. Sam, my physiotherapist took my cocky confident comments to heart and put me through the ringer. She had me working out like all those old folks that go through zumba classes in retirement homes their children dumped them in. It took one hour, which may sound like a lot but, I had very long breaks in between exercises. I felt extremely old and fragile however, the little exertion each day had made a significant difference to my ability to move about more while using less oxygen. I sleep better as well. I have been following a strict diet now for almost three weeks but have not weighed myself yet. I do not own a scale and the one my mother in law let me use is a lier. It cant be trusted. The experience has been good and worth every grunt and moan. I have another three weeks to go before I show up for my exams at least five kilograms lighter and looking like I stepped out of the ocean in a bond movie. Huge thank you to those who have contributed to the fund to date and to those who have shared.


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