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Update posted by Eleni Kefala On Dec 10

I am really sorry to say that the cat didn't make it. She underwent the surgery on Thursday noon, but she didn't make it till the night. From what the vet has told me, it was a difficult surgery that lasted several hours, as there were a lot of tiny fractures all over her jaw and head that were not visible in the Xrays. The damage was so bad that, had she survived, she'd have to be fed via a tube through her nostril for weeks. On Friday we made all the necessary arrangements for her.

I really hoped that she would survive and live a happy life in a loving home. At least they told me she did not suffer and was not in pain these past few days. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and your trust. You have really made this whole situation a lot easier. Thank you!

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