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Update posted by Cary Morin On Feb 25

t is with immense gratitude that we announce the success of Cary Morin’s 2018 funding campaign for his 2018 CD release and tour! We could not have pulled this off without the generosity of community. A big bucket of thanks to Corinne Govan Packer & Mark Packer for their love and most generous gift, to Anita Morin for her generous gifts and unending love & support, to Sally Thoms for her everlasting generosity of spirit and gifts, to Dani Grant and The Mish Initiative Folks for continuing to support local artists and for helping us get to Folk Alliance International this year, to The Native Arts & Cultures Foundation for awarding Cary a generous fellowship for 2018, and to all of you who have contributed to Cary’s crowd funding campaign: Sara Christensen Durnil our genius biz partner at Maple Street Music, Bonnie Antich, Zelda Phillips, Allayne & Vincent DeOreo, Daniel Marcotte, Nancy Josephson, Roger Brownlee, Kathy Ahlenius, Jeff Koepke, Scotty & Nancy Kenton, Margo Carlock,Andrew Schneider, DeeDee Wieggel, Sunni Dale, Melina Berhardt & Brian Hull, Elizabeth Wilson Hudetz, Joachim Preschner, Mary Beth Printsky, Casey & Tiby Lipok, & Betsy Strafach. Community is everything, and we couldn’t do this without you all!
We are at the end of our 3rd week of a 2½ month tour. We are now listening to the first mixes from Cary’s recordings for the new project. They are sounding fantastic, thanks to the fine work of James Tuttle at Subtle Sound, and the incredible talents and fine-tuned ears of Kim Stone & Jay Forrest. Lionel Young, Steven Amedee, Andy Weyl, & Dexter Payne added some wonderful texture as well. A big shout out to Blake Miller for coming to the studio for video and photography. We are fine tuning details and adding some here and there at this point. We hope to be working with our publicist in the next few months to bring the release to you all in September. Again, thank you all so very much!

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