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Happy New Year!!
Update posted by Cary Morin On Jan 05

Hi everyone! I hope the holidays were good for you. Things were pretty quiet around here, Celeste went home for a week, the kids all took off the studio was closed and I was here with a couple of dogs and a bunch of guitars. We ate and sang and did dog stuff. My mom came over a few times and we had some meals. Well that's all behind us now and I've been getting back to work. This CD is going to be half solo performances as I usually do and half band stuff. We have a producer that some of you might have heard before. I met him about 30 years ago about the same time he left Spyro Gyra http://spyrogyra.com/ and before he joined The Rippingtons. http://www.rippingtons.com/ He is a genius bassist and a fine human, Kim Stone. We will begin recording at the new Etown studio in Boulder, Colorado in a few weeks. I look forward to being there because there are a bunch of fine musicians hanging around there for the radio show. Maybe we can borrow some of them while we are there? In the mean time I have been back in front of the microphones working on the acoustic part of the project. I haven't been singing as much as I normally when Celeste and I travel so that part of it is a little stressful. Today I am at home forcing to sing so when I go to the studio tonight I won't sound like I just got out of bed!

Thank you all very much for your kindness and support on this project and for us all the time. Without you there is no us. Bye for now and again, Happy New Year to all of you!

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