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Update 12-12-17
Update posted by Savannah Snyder On Dec 13

I’m so sorry for posting an update so late. Since we got back from Spokane it has been crazy. Mom is doing 100 times better. When we first got back the first 4 or 5 days she was really really tired, physically. Her body was just exhausted. Her explanation of how she felt was “it feels like I’m pulling two cement blocks and I’m only walking across the house”. Now she’s doing more than she should probably be doing. She’s been putting Christmas decorations up like crazy, cooking, etc. I keep reminding her she needs to take it slow...She also drove by herself yesterday which is great! Mitchell and I have been driving her since we got back per Doctors orders. Her being able to drive on her own shows the multitasking part of her brain is healing incredibly. She’s walking great, talking great. The only thing that’s messed up right now are her days and nights. She stays up all night and is asleep during the day which is frustrating. She does plan on going back to work Monday... For those of you that work with her please make sure SHE TAKES IT EASY. This is so so so very important. If she over does it we’re going to end up back in the same place.. No one wants that. We are still so incredibly thankful each and everyday for the prays, the support, and the love that Is coming in.

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