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More About Me and the Pups You'll Be Helping
Update posted by Oliver Bodnar On Dec 10

Apparently some of you are having trouble donating through the GoGetFunding page. You can also go to my Paypal business page and do it there:


Hi All!

The results from my cry for help seem to have plateaued...

This is a critical week for me because my landlord has been hearing, “I'll have it next week” for the past 5 months and so has the woman who owns the store. She actually came to my house today...for her to come up that treacherous hill means this is very important. She gave me a piece of paper with the amount I owe her, $8,041 pesos, that is roughly $425 dollars. I would bring her smaller amounts when I had it, but she needs all of it so she can buy things she needs for the store...I believe I am now officially cut off!

The landlord also called three times today the first at 12:54pm, the second, two minutes later at 12:56pm, I missed the first two and I was able to pick the third up at 2:38pm. I told him I was waiting for the money and I might have it by Tuesday. The tone in his voice was different today...

He needs his money as well...his construction business is slow right now. I gave him part of what you all have graciously **donated last week to hold him off for another week. When he calls the next time asking about the money, I'm not sure what he's going to do if I don't have it...I would rather not have to go through that scenario!

I really need 1 or 2 two people to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park for me...**donate = loan. I will pay back all money given and money for the dog food that has been donated as well within 6 months.

For those who have been asking themselves “Why doesn't he try to get a job?”...It's a good question and a legitimate one!

Here is my list of reasons:

  1. My right Arm Is Completely Paralyzed – This makes everything difficult, not somethings, everything. The feeling in my arm stops where the arm meets the shoulder. I have extreme pain 24/7 so I have to take medication everyday all day. So working at a job that requires manual dexterity that you would have no trouble with, is extremely difficult for me, so I'm not going to put a person that hired me through all of that, just so they can fire me a couple weeks later...besides, I already have two jobs.
  2. OneArmedSEO.com – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, I've been at it for 20 years now, the same amount of time as my arm being paralyzed and the reason I was able to move down here. For those who may not know what that is, to put it simply, I help people who are selling online to make more money by optimizing their website to show up on page one of search engines like, Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing, Yahoo and all the others when a person searches for whatever it is they're selling. Example: Say you have a small hotel or B&B in San Pancho...a person might search “Hotels in San Pancho”, if the client wants their site to show up on page 1, then it's my job to try and make it happen...and that is critical because the traffic from page 1 to page 2, drops of by 95%! If you would like to know more about it, just send me a message, I Love talking about it. Maybe we can work something out, like you give me the rest of the money I need or two or 3 of you can do that...the more that do it, the cheaper it is for you in more ways than one:
  • Obviously dividing the amount
  • Getting Professional SEO for your website waaay under priced! When I was in LA, I was charging, a minimum of $1,000 per month on a minimum 3 month contract. When I moved down here, I cut my pricing in half. I only charge $500 a month now still with a minimum 3 month contract...there's the $1,500! I cut my pricing in half because I'm not a greedy person and it's so much cheaper to live here.
  • You can even use your part of the offer for a friend's website, but that would count as your own website. I'm doing this because I Love helping people make money, but especially online.
  • I'm going to pay back everyone who helped me reach my goal of $1,500 by May or June 2018...or before if I get another client or two...so it's a win, win, win situation for all those who give money so I can pay the pay any more vet bills and the one outstanding, get canned food for the dogs to eat with the dry food, back-rent and the store owner.
  1. Job #2: Lead Buyer for Short Time Inc., Short Time Inc. is an eCommerce, online marketing company, we plan on having at least 10 online stores pulling in $$$1,000's per month by this time next year! The company has decades of experience in eCommerce, Online Marketing and High End Banking. The owner being a certified pilot chose Aviation Headsets as the inaugural store...thus ProfessionalAviationHeadsets.com. This store opened recently and has already begun to pull in money. The stores are built around a solid business model and we are following this business model to where those before us have made a million + dollars...we intend on doing that as well! We are going to document the whole process and then teach you how to do the same thing, so you can give up the 9 to 5 lifestyle!

Let me put this on the table: All those who have donated already and all those that will help me to reach my goal of $1,500, this goes for those who have donated food for the dogs as well, you will get my help with your website for 3 months, as if you signed a 3 month contract with OneArmedSEO.com. If you don't have a website I can show you how to put a very nice one together very easily, so you can start an online business...sort of a preview of things to come from Short Time Inc.

In all actuality, it would be nice to take care of the dogs “I have” now and any others, by “any others”, I mean other animals that need help. I bought a domain name a while ago, AnimalRescueMission.com...A.R.M. For short.

It would be great to start A.R.M., but the location and funds aren't available. One of the reasons why I jumped into the second online business, because it is a money maker just like the sushi restaurant I had! What sunk that was the location! We had 5 star rating in Trip Advisor and were getting patrons because of it. People would come in and tell me they saw us in Trip Advisor and then after they were done eating or almost done, they would log onto Trip Advisor right there on their phones and give us 5 stars! What sunk us, was being on the second floor! I thought the location was great because of the huge balcony over-looking Tercer Mundo, the main street in San Pancho for those who didn't know, right in the happening part of the pueblo...but everyone is too busy looking down at their phones and I think afraid a little bit, to go upstairs in “Dangerous Mexico” hajahaja! I have a knack for seeing good opportunities and jumping on them.

This new online venture will be the best I've ever had...before the restaurant, in my S.E.O. Business, I was making roughly $100k per year, sometimes more and sometimes less. It took me 15 years to get it to that point, with this new venture, I see $100k + happening within 5 years!

When that starts happening I can open A.R.M. and take care of all animals that need help, from a chicken left for dead in the mud to 9 newly born opossums abandoned by their mother. We'll take care of your fur baby if you have to go somewhere and are unable to take them along.

Please help us reach our goal and donate...Please!

After you donate, I will contact you to speak about your website.

Peace, Love and Blessings!

Oliver, Petey, Chula, Guantes, Pirata, Camilla, Siete, Preciosa!

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