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Update posted by Brendan Creek On Dec 09

Hi everyone, just wanted to relay a big update from the fundraising so far.
While I was on my recent trip to the Philippines for work, I was able to head to the orphanage and organise a brand new air conditioner to be bought and installed.
The cottage "mum" actually cried when she was informed that brand new air conditioning was being installed this very week.
Not just talk but real action!

It just went in on Tuesday.
Extra food was also purchased for the children to enjoy over Christmas time.
A few off their wish list.
Quite a few boxes were delivered.
Other arrangements are still in the pipeline but all is underway to get other things done to make the children more comfortable. I'll update when they are completed.
So I guess it's a huge thank you from myself and from the orphanage.
You have each contributed to this air con being installed and the little Filipino children are soooo happy.
Merry Christmas and thank you again. I'm so happy we could get this done.
Regards Brendan.

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