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Update posted by Anna Zabezsinszkij On Oct 27

Hi Amazing People! <3

We are having a fine day with Rosy... She is sleeping a lot, moved a little bit, even watched some Youtube videos together (of chickens of course ) :D

Miss Dirtynose reports that we are almost hitting 100€!!!
You guys are amazing! Thank you for caring for Rosy
We managed to book the operation... It is going to be next Tuesday!!!!
Cross your fingers!!!

A little background story and insight to Rosehip's personality:

Rosy is a "simple" domesticated chicken, kept for giving eggs for humans... Among many problems one of the saddest one, is that when they stop being useful they are being disposed... This faith was waiting for Rosy... It is breathtaking to imagine that she actually would have ended up being dismembered on a plate...
I mean, I know it might be difficult to relate, but she is truly just like a cat or a dog (in my opinion she is more like a dog ).
She has her very own unique personality, which you can like or not, but cannot doubt.
She is extremely curious, brave, she talks a looooot, and she shows it , without a doubt what she likes and what she does NOT
She likes to keep herself clean, just like my can Spotty, and she is clearly had enough of sitting! She cant wait to walk again!
It is such an amazing journey for ME, to get to know her and earn her trust... As she has not much trust towards to humans...

I want her to get better so badly, and either gain her mobility back, or if nothing works she will be a super brave and cool one-legged wheel-chaired lady (thanks god there are plenty of success stories of one-legged chicken out there!).

So thats for the update for today!
Cant wait to see your comments or questions :* <3

Kisses, Rosy and Anna

If you would like to support us BUT you dont have a Paypay, pls get in touch and if you prefer bank transfer or any other method we can discuss:

Find me on FB----> Anna Zabezsinszkij

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