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Chairman FAILS to answer questions by deadline!
Update posted by Richard Colwell On Feb 16

The Abusive, Rogue Chairman of the Clark county Republican Party, David Gellatly, has filed a lawsuit against Richard Colwell, an elected Precinct Committee Officer, in an attempt to gain access to his personal papers, effects and computer. This litigious action is clearly a fishing expedition designed to intimidate and silence activists who dare to exercise their Constitutionally-protected Free Political Speech.

The court has already found he is indeed a public figure. His attorney speciously tried to argue the plaintiff was merely a private citizen, and not a public figure. Perhaps his attorney, Greg Cheney of Rylander and Associates, willfully didn't notice the reporter from the Columbian newspaper covering the recent hearing...

As of February 15, 2018, the plaintiff has FAILED to respond by the deadline to the interrogatories he was sent to answer, under penalty of perjury. We know has has a lot of unsavory behavior to hide. His answers to the interrogatories will expose it. We know that he has been willfully untruthful. His answers to the interrogatories will expose it. We know he has had dalliances into likely unlawful behavior. His answers to the interrogatories will expose it. Even the questions that his laughing stock attorney objects to that go unanswered are an answer - after all, if he had nothing to hide wouldn't he just happily answer the questions truthfully? If he has done nothing wrong, if he is a complete angel, what does he have to hide?

We know. We have the evidence. We have the testimony. We have the truth on our side.

Your donation today will help Richard maintain this fight and expose the unsavory truths behind this scoundrel and tyrant, and what he has done to damage the integrity of the Clark County Republican Party.


Funny how they claim he’s not a public figure when his Facebook page clearly states that he is... https://www.facebook.com/ChairmanDavidGellatly/

Kevin VanGelder

Update posted by Feb 16

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