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Update posted by Aiko Maeda On Oct 08


A thousand thank you will not be enough to describe the amount of gratitude I feel at this moment. The love and support we received within the week (both in monetary and moral support) are more than we ever expected.

As you can see, my initial goal of 150,000 JPY has been reached (again, thank you!) and now Takami will get his braces! That is one step more towards his future!

I will be honest that for this campaign I was only thinking about his braces. Then a good friend of mine approached me and said that I might be forgetting the bigger issue. They reminded me that there will be more bills. There will be more medical equipments that I won't be able to afford. There will be more therapies and treatment, not to mention the back and forth transportation costs to get to those treatments. Then when he starts going to school there will more expenses.

The truth of the matter is, we need all the help we can get for as far into the future as possible and every amount we receive will be a huge help for Takami.

After much thinking, contemplating and discussions with close ones, I have decided to keep the funds ongoing for an unlimited time and amount.

Thank you for being a part of our lives, of Takami's future, and for wanting to join us in our journey.

Thank you and we wish you a wonderful day!


Aiko and Takami

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