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Update posted by Aiko Maeda On Oct 02

Yes, wow!

The time I put up this campaign, I wasn't expecting to reach the goal anytime soon. When I woke up and logged in to check my dashboard, I was so surprised that we have reached 70%! I was rendered speechless and I'm pretty sure I cried myself ugly LOL.

I posted my campaign on facebook and soon after, my friends reached me personally and asked about Takami's condition and if it was OK to share the campaign on their walls. Some of them I haven't talked to in months, even years, but we just started chatting like we just met for coffee today.

It's incredible how a community comes together for someone in need, and I feel truly blessed that my son is loved and cared by many.

This has motivated me to work harder for Takami, to give back to the community, and to pay forward the kindness and generosity we have recieved to others in need.

This will also be a good experience for Takami, and me personally, that reaching out is a good thing. The amount of support and love we received in such a short amount of time is amazing.

Once we reach the goal, it will take about a week to process and as soon as it's done, we will pay for the bracers and it's one step closer for Takami to run!

Thank you for your support and love. Know that this means the world to the both of us.

Stay tuned for a picture update on Takami with bracers!

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