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Sept 23, 2017 update Samiel's 1st month
Update posted by arcely la rosa On Sep 23

Samiel turns 1 month today and is now 1.045kg. He is still breathing with nasal cannula due to incidents of sudden low heartbeat and breathing. Sam is in Antibiotics and vitamins now and being fed with breastmilk mixed with Human Milk Fortifier @ 16ml every 2 hours. Tests are being done weekly to check for infections and ensure that he is well.

We are very thankful for all the well wishes, prayers and donations for Sam. We feel so loved and blessed. God is good. Please do continue to include Sam in your prayers and help us to share this campaign to raise funds for Sam and the other babies at NICU. Every donation is a big help. Thank you in advance to all kind hearts. God bless us all.

4 weeks Running bill: Php 705k ( Sgd 21k)

estimated weekly cost in coming weeks: Php 100-150k (Sgd 4.5k)

Thank you very much in advance..

Patrick and Arcely La Rosa

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