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Thankful: Finally discharged from the hospital
Update posted by Kirstie Babor-Manahan On Aug 25

Hi everyone, I just want to share this great news that after 19 days of being admitted for a Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, my father has finally gotten out of the hospital yesterday. Thank you Lord for your healing hands, and thank you so much to everyone who helped us get through this challenging time. I sincerely thank you for all your support.

My father is now at home and has just started his first day of cardiac rehabilitation today. May I humbly ask for your continued prayers for my dad and for my mom to help go through things and get back to a normal state of health.

Also, if anyone is interested to buy a pre-selling studio unit in Cebu that is about to be turned over this September, you may contact the numbers or message through the facebook page below. This can hopefully help with the rest of the expenses from the hospital.

For now, we are just really grateful for all your generous help and support and most of all from the Almighty who never left our side. Thank you..

For more details about this unit, you may contact:



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