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Day After My Dad's Birthday
Update posted by Kirstie Babor-Manahan On Aug 10

Hi everyone! My dad just turned 71 yesterday. Happy birthday, dad! He was emotional at times but he kept strong as well.

Today is his schedule for the bypass surgery. In a few minutes, they will take him from the room and bring him to the operating room. The blood donors had already come last night for the blood extraction. Later there will be 2 standby blood donors during the duration of his surgery. They said it will take about 6 to 7 hours. Praying everything will go smooth and successful and he will be taken to the recovery room as soon as possible. And praying also for a fast recovery.

Hope that you could share some prayers for us, for my dad, during these times.

You may also share a birthday gift of a better heart for him through the link above. Aside from PayPal, there is also a way to share through a bank account (BDO and/or BPI).

Thank you very much again for all your support. This is just the beginning. But we strongly believe in the healing hands of the the Lord.

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