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Campaign Suspended
Update posted by Jamelle Catapusan On Aug 04

We are suspending this fundraising campaign following a positive development about Maesey's health.

Doctors said she no longer has to undergo the operation, at least for now. She underwent biopsy *again*, because doctors said the cyst on her neck has hardened. Results show the inflammation is actually tuberculosis on lymph nodes which can be cured by medication. The doctors prescribed her medicines that she needs to take for six months. But if the inflammation does not go away after she finishes her medicines, the cyst *might* still need to be surgically removed from her neck.

Maesey initially wanted to return your donations. But we advised her not to, because she will still have to take medicines in the next six months. And that will also cost her much. She will be using the donations for the medications.

We will update you accordingly about Maesey's condition. And we hope and pray for her complete healing so she no longer has to undergo the operation.

Thank you so much for your help! Maesey is beyond grateful for your financial, moral, and spiritual support. God bless your kind hearts, and may your generosity bring you every good thing you've been praying for in leaps and bounds.

Below are images of the result of her biopsy, the doctor's prescription, and other related documents.

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