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Day 16
Update posted by Ren Marukot On Jul 31

Day 16. More good news from our Pedia.

Clara weighed 800 grams when she was born, and her weight was down to 700 grams during her first week. But now she weighs 750 grams. Our baby is slowly gaining weight because of Aminosteril and her 5cc milk intake.

Today is also the last day our baby will be given antibiotics for her lungs.

Her oxygen is now indirectly given to her, and so far, she is able to tolerate it.

Tomorrow, she will be starting with Nutrilin, Ferlin, Heraclene and Ceelin multivitamins which will help her gain weight faster.

She cried after our KMC earlier today, seems like she already misses her Mommy's scent. She also missed being hugged and rocked to sleep by her too.

Thank you God for making our Clara so strong. Good job baby girl! Keep fighting anak. Daddy and Mommy love you so much.

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