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LTD & Launch Into “PHASE TWO” of Our Business Plan.
Update posted by Isaac Anene On Jul 24

The management of the Plastic Waste Recycling & Manufacturing Company have deeply expressed their disappointment in the actions of their abroad consulate to refuse a visa of entry to their new representative in Nigeria (Deep Towers). The company have been seeking ways to expand their marketing and sales of various products made from 100% recycled plastic into the West African region, but their consulate in Nigeria is absolutely determined to stand as a hurdle and delay the expansion into the new market. However, to remain focused on the mission of their business plan to achieve the entrace into the west African market, the consultant of the company just informed me that they'll be sending free samples of some of their products to Lagos (Nigeria) in two weeks time, to aid more advanced marketing activities, prior to the first full shipment expected in the coming months.

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