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Fund-Raising Part 2!
Update posted by Fiona Loh On Aug 19


26 June 2017. 10am. Evacuation #SavingTheSiameses (STS) rescue operations from a 3-room flat at Fernvale Link began. Admins, together with friends, braved the horrid breeder's home to save each and every cat out of the hellhole full of cats' urine and defecation everywhere. We were initially tipped off that only 50+ cats were to be saved out. Final count - 95 cats. 16 of these cats are under the care of Kittycare Haven, of which we are supporting medical bills as well.

*Actual Conversation between one of the Admin and the breeder on the day of rescue operations*

Admin: Aunty, do you know how many cats you have been breeding and keeping?! Total 95!!! What the hell you have been doing?!

Breeder: Oh is it? So many huh?

  • ••
  • Fast forward...

    The cats and kittens quickly settled well in rented catteries in a commercial boarding facility. They were pampered with a clean environment, abundance of clean water and food, clean toys and beds. They enjoyed the spa session we gave them. They loved the cuddles and attention given. Admin and all kind-hearted lovely souls put their heads and hearts together to help raise funds for the #SavingTheSiameses cats because they deserve a second chance to live in great homes they can truly call their own. There were overwhelming responses - both in Singapore and internationally! Plans were in place to have them vet-checked, vaccinated, sterilised, etc, and then to put them up for adoption. But one day, we were thrown with a bomb - 1 of them was tested positive for Parvovirus.

    We were devastated. Why did the cats have to suffer this, just when they were starting to enjoy their fresh, new lives?! Where is the justice?! The breeder is now enjoying herself with a clean home with new furniture, but these poor cats had to suffer from diseases caused by the unhygienic environment that they were forced to live in before we rescued them out. One by one, the cats fell ill. Each and every single one who were ill were sent to vet clinics immediately for treatment. Everyone deserve to be saved and treated at all costs. We do not give up on any one of them. It was an extremely intensive and stressful period for the cats, the admins and the boarding facility.

    While many of you showed your support throughout this ordeal, unfortunately, we had to face some challenges with regards to certain allegations - that the STS cats were the cause of the spread of parvovirus, and that Admins were not being honest and upfront about the lethal virus. It was very disheartening but we kept our focus and persevered on. The cats have strong fighting spirits and many have proven themselves with their will to survive. AND WE MADE IT. However, this comes with a cost.

    We now owe United Veterinary Clinic (UVC) about $18000 of vet bills. Yes, 18 thousands. The management of UVC has been very magnanimous to us. They allow us to owe them this huge amount because they worry that we may need the funds for other emergency uses. However, we should not take their kindness for granted. They have kindly given us some time to raise more funds before we pay them the total amount owed.

    How did the vet bills come up to this amount? Well, for starters, the cats and kittens were not in good health, and many were in fact in very bad shape. Kidney issues, liver problems, cat flu, ear infections, eye infections, almost everything you can think of. While we have lost a few of our precious babies, most of them had recovered from their various ailments. Our 3 Parvovirus survivors are living proof that immediate medical treatment is necessary to save their lives. Also, we had to run tests (FeLV & FIV, Parvovirus, complete blood count tests) on each and every cat, as well as vaccinate and microchip them. Microchipping is a requirement by the authorities.

    A few of you had asked us why we spayed/ neutered some of the STS cats at the vet clinics instead of getting Cat Welfare Society (CWS) to do the routine spay and neuter. As much as we would still continue to engage CWS in assisting us on the spay/ neuter programme, however, the bulk of the STS cats are unlike the routine spay and neuter of cats. So far, we have sterilized at least 15 of the STS cats. Only 1 female cat and 2 male cats are routine spay/ neuter cases. The rest of them have deformities in their sexual organs. We would be publishing the photos of their deformed uteruses/ testicles when we figure out the settings to post up censored photos on this Facebook page.

    (Sidenote: Does anyone know how to do this? Admins have tried so many times but just couldn't succeed in doing this.)

    For the past few weeks, you have read introduction posts of several cats depicting their lovely and hilarious personalities. These are the survivors. BUT WITHOUT YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO COME THIS FAR.

    In a few weeks' time, with vets' clearance, all the STS cats would be officially put up for adoption. It is now time for them to go to loving homes to live in for the rest of their lives. Catteries are only a temporary place for them to stay in. They would be in catteries while adoption programmes (such as adoption drives, Meet-and-Greet sessions, etc.) are on-going.

    Currently, we have about 30 thousands in our fund balance. After deduction of what we currently owe UVC, we would be left with 12 thousands. It may seem a lot, but the truth is - unfortunately it is not. The cats would still need daily supplements to continue boosting up their very frail immunity systems, and medical treatment for some of them is still required. Many of them have severe gingivitis and tooth decay, which is causing them discomfort and pain. Moreover, we have to continue to spay and neuter the rest of the STS cats. The cats would have to be boarded for recovery at vet clinics after their surgeries, before returning to the catteries.

    Monthly rental of catteries would cost 4.5 thousands, and we hope to be able to cut down the number of catteries from 5 to 3-4 catteries by the end of September. That means we would start rehoming them soon. This is also the reason why we have been working very hard in churning out introduction posts for individual cats and kittens recently.

    We are running into deficit very soon, hence we are now humbly appealing to everyone again to continue supporting #SavingTheSiameses - via our Go-Get-Funding fund-raiser campaign (https://gogetfunding.com/saving-the-siameses/). The donations will help greatly the STS cats to continue to have a roof until the day all of them go to foster homes or be adopted into homes of their own.

    [Update: This link is the same link as our Fund-Raising Part 1. Hence, the amount collected for Fund-Raising Part 2 is the total amount MINUS $9853. Thank you.]

    Besides, the Admins, together with a group of lovely friends, have upcoming activities as part of the STS Fund-Raising Part 2! Do stay tune for updates!

    For transparency and accountability, you may wish to refer to this link (https://tinyurl.com/SavingTheSiameses) which was publicly published since some time back. This link includes all details of donors' contributions as well as the utilizing of funds.

    Last but not the least, we believe that what is going on in everyone's minds now is... so what is going to happen to the breeder? Rest assured Admins are following up the case very closely with the authorities. Admins would also be meeting up with the authorities to further discuss on this case. Everyone has contributed so much to help the STS cats. We are trying our best to ensure that all these efforts would not go to waste.

    Our STS survivors would not have achieved so much and come this far without your generous support. Please help us help them. Admins sincerely thank everyone for your support. THANK YOU!

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