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Update 29/7/17
Update posted by Sarah Battram Cake On Jul 29

Hi everyone,
It is with a heavy heart that I write this update.
I recently had a PET scan which showed that the cancer has relapsed before I had even finished my treatment. I have another lump on my back near the site of the original tumour and it has also spread throughout both of my lungs. It is now not curable, and any treatment that I have will be to try to buy me more time by slowing the progression of the disease. High dose chemotherapy and stem cell rescue is no longer an option because if they harvest stem cells from me, they will be contaminated with cancer cells.
I will be having a different combination of chemotherapy in just over a week's time.

This means that I do not now need to fund the drug plerixafor for a stem cell harvest. Instead, I plan to use the money raised to enjoy as much time with my kids as possible through days out and holidays. I have also got plans to make the children a patchwork quilt each and will use the money to send them to be professionally quilted.

Thank you again for all of your support through this difficult time.

Lindsey x

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