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Quick Update for May
Update posted by Anna Esguerra On May 11

Hi guys!

My fundraiser is still on going, I'm just not promoting it as much as I have before because it's so stressful especially if not many people are looking into it. I was surprised last year when I promoted/advertised it and received many donations even from classmates whom I have never spoken to. Thanks for the help, guys!

Since last year, we were able to raise 3% from the goal amount. Thank you for helping out - no matter how small or big the amount is, it definitely helps. Also the donations from my bank account and given offline helps big time too! The amount donated will stay there until, of course, the time comes that it'll be used for medical expenses regarding my transplant.

Once in a while I will plug this fundraiser around my social media. It's hard to get this around since I have little amount of followers. For someone who is a "blogger" since 2005, why is this so hard? I should be having around 2000 at least LOL.

But guys, this fundraiser will be here.

OH and I almost forget to mention something: GoGetFunding and PayPal last year made a policy that disables their service for us non-business account PayPal accounts. More of it at the bottom of my fundraiser's description.

Please do let me know if you have questions. I have my email right at the description for any inquiries.

Thank you! <3

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