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Recon up to end of September 2017
Update posted by Sonette Nobuntu Hill On Sep 11

Thank you for all the generous donations. Paul continues to focus his efforts on the main road, the Common as well as the beach. Today (11th), he also cleaned (9 bags) between the 2 sports fields. I sponsor all bank fees, Paypal commissions, Exchange fees, black and recycling bags, supervision, assistance etc. All funds go directly to Paul at R250 per day, or as donations to others who assist in cleaning Noordhoek. We have enough funds left until the last day of September. Donations can be made via this site, or via my personal account. (FNB current account 62076265563 Branch:202309)

Remember this is a project by the community for the community to feel free to provide feedback.

If you wish for Paul to continue cleaning post September, feel free to donate.

Why? Because we all love Noordhoek : )

Raised via Crowdfunding 1430 17875
Direct Deposits offline total 3000
Thomas (Anonymous) Additional Donation 10000
Total 30875
Days wages Beneficiary Rate Total
June 18 Paul /Alick 250 R4 500,00
Masiphemelele Noordhoek FC R2 500,00
3 Alick 250 R750,00
July 26 Paul 250 R6 500,00
Donation On the verge R2 500,00
August 27 Paul 250 R6 750,00
OuKaaps 6 Lamec/Alick 250 R1 500,00
R25 000,00
Balance R5 875,00
September balance 24 (5 days a wk) Paul 250 R6 000,00
Balance -125
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