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Successful Burr Hole Craniotomy
Update posted by Naomi Deirdre Reyes On Jun 17

On the evening of the 16th of June, he has undergone a burr hole craniotomy to drain the excess fluids that developed on the left side of his brain (the darker grey part on the right side of the photo) caused by the subdural hematoma. The fluids increased the pressure on his brain, pushing it to the other side. On the photo you can see the middle line of his brain with a portion pushed to the left side. This was causing his severe headaches with a pain scale of 10 which he was complaining about. The neurosurgeons opted for the operation to decrease the pressure and release the fluids on the brain. My dad responded well to the operation as it has helped alleviate his headaches. For his post operation recovery and monitoring, he will continue his stay in the hospital for another week.

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