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We are nearly there!
Update posted by Nicola Whitworth On Mar 15

We have received and attached the quotation for the chair Joseph is most comfortable with and as you can see it comes in at just over £25k which is a ridiculous amount. However, with the amazing support we have received over the past year from family, friends and the local community, we are very fortunate that we are in the position where we will be able to order this in the next few weeks!

We are now only about £6000 short but we are confident we will reach that with a fundraising gig that is being organised with a local band and comedian and also my friend Naomi’s marathon.

We really can’t thank those of you that have supported us with the fundraising enough. A year ago we had a mountain to climb and we are now nearly at the summit thanks to amazing support from those around us.

We hope we will be able to update you soon with pictures of Joseph in his new chair!

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