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Update posted by Rebecca Kroll On Sep 17

It's been two months since I started this campaign and I have been unsuccessful in raising the money. I hope that the more people that read this can find it in their hearts to help me out. I'm ready to become a full time photographer, and to do so, I really need this camera.

I'm also in the process of trying to sell some of my photos - if you are interested - please visit my Facebook page which is www.facebook.com/RebeccaKrollPhotography . Prices for each photo is $10 - plus S&H. Again, if you are interested, please contact me via Facebook Messenger,or email.

I hope that you all will understand the urgency I have in order to get this camera. It is a vital part of photography and it would benefit me in the best way possible. Please take the time to read and share this, and if you donate - $1 is a great start!

Thank You!

Rebecca Kroll

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