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September 24, 2017 Update
Update posted by Justine Anne Marie Virina On Oct 02

After a month in hospital stay, my dad is already discharged from the hospital. With God's grace and blessings through all the kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity and support in all kinds,we are able to pay the hospitalization bills - medicines, laboratory tests and professional doctors fees which amounted around PHP 180,000. In addition,a very small amount was left which also used to support his daily needs for his maintenance up going forward. Our family especially my dad is very grateful with all these support, presence, and prayers offered to him and our family. He is now a bit stable but sometimes feel a little seizures, low heart rate and fluctuating blood pressure rates. Nevertheless, we still continue to pray for his continuous recovery and let God's hand heals all the pain and endure my dad with his loving presence. Again, we are very grateful to all who have been with us through this journey - doctors, family, friends and prayer warriors. Again, let us still continue to support each and everyone in this journey with all the kindness and prayer offerings and for God will shower us with his blessings tenfold.

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