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There is hope!
Update posted by Crystal Hartwig On May 29

Today, I received an emailing explaining that if I thought that the previous email was a hoax - here is the proof. A man revealed himself to be a commissioner of oaths and attached a pledge of £5000 to be paid directly into Oxford University, Wycliffe Hall towards the funding of my course and college fees from anonymous donors.

I received no such email so without the forewarning one can only imagine my surprise.

I am in awe. This God. My God. He is big and he is real and I am overwhelmed by His love. I am so grateful to the anonymous donors and to the messenger inbetween. I don't actually know how to comprehend such blessing.

I now only have £5635 more to raise. But in my heart of hearts I know that I am not the Provider and neither are you. My God is.

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