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Jackson is growing ❗️
Update posted by Gail Martin On Sep 19

Jackson is five months old now. We have gone through puppy obedience and private training sessions through Petsmart. We have both learned a lot. Anne the trainer, is familiar with training service dogs and has helped me tremendously. Now I am deciding on the next step for further training.

Jack is a big boy! He has a very sweet disposition. He is learning to walk next to my walker or electric cart and not be too distracted by the world around him. Of course, he is just a puppy and loves to play. His favorite games are fetch and playing tug. He can be pretty goofy. He goes nearly everywhere with me. Every place we have gone has been glad to have him even though he is not officially a service dog, but a service dog in training. Seems most people like dogs and he is very friendly and of course an adorable puppy.

Thank you for your interest and support. Please see further updates and pictures on Facebook under "Service Dog Training for Mom".

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