Updates on Safe Passage out of Ecuador for my Pets and Family

Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jun 24

I am getting ready to meet a nice couple today who are going to be pet sitting for my furry family so I can go and work in the EU and raise the rest of the funds needed to fly my pets out of Ecuador.I will be away for 5 months working, then I return and the paperwork process for my pets can continue, which takes four months, sending the blood off to the EU and waiting for their health certificates is the most expensive and time consuming part of all of this process. In the meantime my partner is still recovering from his ordeal mentally unfortunately, the psychiatric doctor said he will need the rest of this year to get over the mentally fragile state that he is currently in due to the torture he experienced from the kidnapping. Hopefully by next spring my pets and my partner will be able to leave with me. I thank everyone that has helped us so far, from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone for their kindness. This has been one of the biggest traumas of my life and at times, I am still very concerned about my own safety and I hope to arrive in Europe safely in the next week. I have close friends who have files and data that explains some of the reasons why my partner could have been kidnapped and tortured. Should anything happen to me between now and then, these files will be made public.


You really dont understand, I have to leave my life is in danger in Ecuador, my petsitters are lovely, they come from Trusted Pet Sitters.com and are a wonderful couple who are keeping me updated frequently on my pets. Unfortunately, I dont have control over Andres or who governs his care after I had to leave him with a member of his family that were finally willing to take care of him, he is mentally broken and still recovering, if he was able to travel I would have taken him out of the country but he was under no condition to do so. If I had the ability to make further choices for him, he would be in a holistic healing centre and no psychiatrists! However, his family are very powerful, they control forestry, petroleum and the pharmaceuticals, they are part of the Monarch MKUltra programme and I had to get out as soon as I could because they were heavily monitoring me. All I can do now is hope he will recover and contact me so I can then help him get asylum out of the country.

Carlita Shaw

Update posted by Jul 08


I am a little concerned that you are considering leaving your furry family with a couple you have never met. I am also concerned that you have faith in "any" psychiatric doctors. Hopefully, everything will work out for the best and you will be reunited with your family and partner in due time and in a safe environment.

Michael Carey

Update posted by Jun 25

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