Updates on Safe Passage out of Ecuador for my Pets and Family

Hope and Faith
Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jun 15

I am going to offer a speaking presentation about the plight of the Amazon and about my book when I am in the EU or UK so if you are interested in hosting an even so I can give a talk please contact me at thesilentecocide at gmail dot com this will also help raise funds for my pets to fly to the EU.

I have been away trying to organize a backup plan and have been looking for a pet sitter, since we have not reached our fundraising goal. I have to go on ahead to the EU to hunt for work and try raise the funds to bring my pets back. Some days its hard to trust the universe. Takes work at times, especially when one has just gone through trauma and loss, my partner is still recovering'from deep trauma in hospital too after a complete breakdown and it isn't looking like he will be recovering for some months. I have ten days before I leave for Europe for work to try and drum up further funds for my pets to fly to the EU as we still need 1200 for their blood tests ad the 1800 KLM flight, I didn't previously factor in my rent and living costs as I fell behind with rent when Andres was kidnapped and I lost my job as I had to take time off to look for him when he went missing. I am looking for work in the EU possibly teaching in Spain/France/Italy for the time being as well as some ecological consultancy work in the UK but nothing concrete.

I have not yet found a pet sitter that is suitable and have only 10 days to find one that is the most painful part is having to leave my pets at all, since they are my babies and the closest thing to a family I have. I am so grateful to those that have supported this campaign and to some of my friends who have been amazing through all this even at a distant. Its people like you who give me courage and faith thank you I am very grateful. Am hoping and praying each day that I am doing the right thing..........Please if you could still continue to share my crowdfund so I can raise the rest for my pets to be with me.


Thank you Michael, I don’t really have any other choices so I just have to have faith. I have just found some fantastic pet sitters so that helps a bit. Fingers crossed all I need now is to raise funds for my pets work in Europe. I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your support! Sending a hug from the Equator.

Carlita Shaw

Update posted by Jun 16


Obviously, I can’t know what you are going through. But I am put in mind of the book, Not Without My Daughter. Would I do the same in your situation? I can’t answer that. I can only hope that you are making the best decision under the circumstances and that you will be reunited with your pets on a brighter day.

Michael Carey

Update posted by Jun 15

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