Updates on Safe Passage out of Ecuador for my Pets and Family

Almost over 60 percent funded! Thank you so much!
Update posted by Carlita Shaw On May 29

This is Milu, tired and back from the vet.

I have been out dealing with vets all day to get the best quotes for my pets travel, I will start emailing copies of my book to everyone that has contributed to this campaign tonight. Thank you so much for the lovely comments and support people have been showing us. It means so much to us right now.

We took Milu to the vet today, she is my newest rescue dog, she is the only one that hasn't been vaccinated and microchipped until now. So we did that for her today with the contributions that have been coming in, THANK YOU.

Unfortunately we have to wait a month before we can take the blood samples from Milu, as she has to wait for the antibodies to develop from the Rabies injection. Then we can take all the blood of each pet and send it to Europe the cost is a lot more than I expected, 300 dollars per blood test per pet, so that is two dogs and two cats, 1200 dollars!!!! So that was a bit of a shock to hear. But hopefully we can cover the costs if we reach our goat on this campaign and so far so many amazing people have been generous enough to help

Then we are not allowed to travel until 3 months after the blood tests are taken and sent, so we have to wait here for four months before we can get out of the country. This part is frustrating, due to international bureaucracy, pet travel rules to the EU from Ecuador are complicated, so the fastest I can get my pets out of here is by September at the very latest.

My kitties as well as my doggies are very important to me, I rescued them when they were only a week old, I found them dumped by the side of the road two weeks after I had a hysterectomy in 2015 due to tumours, I made a photojournal of their progress and growth, which you can see here , now they are very big since this last photo was taken.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support, I will start sending out books tonight to everyone that has helped as a small gesture of our appreciation

please feel free to ask us any questions at [email protected]

This is a recent pic of me and my lovely rescue dog Honita, her mother was poisoned when she was a puppy, I cannot provide any pictures of my partner as he is in hospital and due to his ordeal he needs to be protected as much as possible. However I am already out there with my book, articles and podcasts so here I am, very grateful for all those incredibly caring folks out there reading this. Thank you so much!

We need Protection, Patience and Prayers

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