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Patiently Waiting for Habeas Corpus Petition to be decided
Update posted by Warren Markowitz On Sep 21

Its been a while since the last update, but Jeff is patiently waiting for the USDC in St. Louis to decide his Habeas Petition. This could include ordering oral arguments about the claims raised in the petition or it may decide on the contents of the petition.
The last few months have been difficult on Jeff as he has been placed in General Population and removed from the Honor Wing of the ERDCC.
Please keep him in mind, and support the legal efforts that have fought so hard for him these nearly two long years.
Thank you, Warren R. Markowitz, Esq, Attorney for the Bulletin Man


The police appear to have initiated the threat of deadly force by drawing their guns on Jeff without justification. You can’t threaten to kill someone simply because they are legally armed. Didn’t Jeff have a right to self defense? Was this ever argued?


Update posted by Sep 24

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