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The crowdfunding has so far been successful in ensuring the important step of rehearsing with the piano trio musicians in Berlin in June 2017 and confirming their commitment to and rightness for this project. As it became clear that the crowdfunding would not suffice to actually produce the ARIOSO CD, we have been considering and researching alternative possibilities.

We have now entered a new phase, in which our aim is to get the CD recorded as soon as possible. We have determined that – with some adjustment – this may be done with half of the remaining sum, €10.000, and that we can then potentially execute the rest of the project – including distribution and PR – in subsequent phases.

... to focus on. We are hoping to secure half of this new sum of €10.000 from a CD subsidy institution, matching the other half provided by another sponsor … or loan provider (for which we are willing to discuss terms, please contact us directly*). What we are saying is, if we can find €5000, there is a good chance that this will be matched.

After 4 years of waiting since the ARIOSO arrangements were finished by Gustavo in 2014 – we will finally be able to RECORD. And once the CD exists we are very confident that the product will help clarify why it had to be made and why it deserves further support, promotion and attention.

Our current focus in the new phase is therefore to chase those €5000 with all that we’ve got. We haven’t come this far to give up. We owe it to ourselves, the project … and the crowdfunders. Since our new focus is so absolute, we will be doing less updates here.

We have decided to keep the campaign open, because while the ARIOSO CD has not been recorded, our efforts towards doing so will be ongoing. Any smaller contributions to the crowdfunding will still go to the many other aspects of the ARIOSO production: Bear in mind that we still have €10.000 to go, and that the original total sum had been discounted with regard to the real cost of ARIOSO, to help ensure funding.

We would again like to thank all crowdfunders for your generous support. Remember that many great, big projects – like this one – take time to realize. Our commitment to you stands and we will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

* [email protected]

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