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Update posted by Fate and There On Apr 21

We were afraid this would happen. Poor lab rat Daniel has not managed to raise much, which is not his fault. We, at Fate & There, have not been able to take the necessary time to promote Daniel's fundraiser properly. We have to remember, though, that this is an experiment. We have learned that if you simply start a fundraiser and let it sit then no one donates. A hypothesis that we probably did not have to prove. The timing of this was wrong, but we are going to see it through, and hopfully we can convince Daniel to make some videos. It is hard, though, with us overseas and Daniel in America, alone. From what he has told us, the self promotion makes him feel silly and desparate, but we reminded him that he is both silly (in a good way) and desparate (which is why we picked him for this experiment). I hope that some of you read our mission statement, and that you will see that he does need your help either with donations or sharing this link with some words of your own. Also, Daniel is offering a 16x24 print with a $200 and up donation. That is good price for an origanal piece of art, and you should snatch some of his work before it gets too expensive. We assure you that once Daniel gets back on his feet his work will sell. I know you are busy so we will get out of your hair, but thank you for reading. Please donate, and if you can not please share to those who you know can.

Thank you,

Fate & There.

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