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Summer Draw
Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Aug 29

We’ve did the Draw yesterday with Mr Tavish Scotts help :)

Heres the video I took of it, i chickened out and took a video as opposed to a Facebook live, which was good cos i filmed a huge bit at the beginging without realising haha (edited out)... also sorry for the trippy bad zoom at points lol

Link to my Facebook post and the video is here :)


down to business-

prize winners are:

DVD/ Blueray player- Charlie Umphry;
Kettle- Davie Hutchison;
Book holder- Alexis Anderson;
Jigsaw 1- Rutherford;
Recipie card box And Processo- Dee;
Spa favourites box- Irvine Watt;
Merlot- McGuire;
3 “pinny bags”- S Tait (we found you! lol), Mari Williamson, Jack Preist;
Jigsaw 2- Ruby Reid;
Bodyshop beauty pack- Dodo;
Meerkat orniment- Sean Dickinson;
Dr Who fairy cake kits- Jamie W;
Crayola paints- Peter;
Ferrero rocher chocolates- Lillian Eunson;
Christmas oven mitts- Stefo;
Frying pan- Nicola Harding:
Lunch box - L Fraser;
Cricket bat and ball- Betty Irvine;
Barefoot – red- Elsa stewart;
Barefoot – rose- Ruby Anderson;
Bailys chocolates - Mr Boyd;
Thorntons continental chocolates - Mina Williamson;
Jura whiskey pack- C Porter;
Brewdog pack- M H Williamson;
Oxford pencil case- Jasmine Simpson;
Compass – Marelize;
Bigbang Theory T-shirt- Ellie Tulloch;
Hip flask- Simone Anderson;
LED photo string lights- W Shearer;
Bracelet and earrings- Matthew Laurence;
Boots Lavinder gift set - Nicola Harding;
Large orange Scarf- Kristie Williamson;
Toorlie- Aa’ Fired Up;
Toaster - Kathleen McArthur
Glasses case- Nita Odie;
Peter pan dvd- Shaun Lochrie;
1 or 2 ply hand made Lace Scarf - Liam Johnson;
Uncle Tom’s Cabin book- Angela Williamson,

then here are the big prize winners!!

A cabin car and 2 passinger return journey Northlink - Micheal Pearson
2 return flights with Loganair - Calven Sek
Frankies voucher- Jonny Harms
Trowie knowe Trow- J Tulloch
Katjas cakes (unkinwaggon) voucher - Cody Jamieson
Tasty Hong Kong voucher- Rhianne Johnston
Susan Pearson art print- Zara Nicolson

We’ll be trying to get hold of everyone over the next few days and getting you your prizes!

Congratulations to all who won!😁

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