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Summer Draw
Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Aug 20


we're doing the Summer Draw on the 28th of August with Tavish Scott in his office and will be filming the draw for legitimacy ... I'm hoping to Facebook live it, though, I've never done one, so I'm toying with just a video upload to make sure it works lol... the prizes are;

2 return flights with Loganair from Shetland to Aberdeen; a cabin car and 2 passinger return journey to Aberdeen or Kirkwall with the Northlink Ferry Terminal; a peerie Trow from Trowie Knowe Crafts ; an amazing print from Susan Pearson Art and Illustration; a voucher for one of Katja's Cakesamazing cakes; a voucher for Tasty Hong Kong Takeaway; and loads more!

There's still time to enter should you feel lucky! (via the facebook link or private mail me here)

.. you might easy win! if not the top prizes then one of the smaller ones.

Thank you all who have entered so far, we're inching closer, by the day, towards getting Joseph his new arm

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