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Happy New Year!
Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Dec 31

Another awesome night in Da Kiln Bar! The money donated (£118) along with the money thats come in for Josie's dad Gibbie's great swim, that he did in the summer, (£610) and a hugly generous Christmas donation from Josie's granny and grandad, Ruby and Gibbie (£2000) the half way mark's been blown totally out the water and we're now at £23,450! In just over a year!

When i started up all this last October, i didn't really have a plan, i set up the fundraising page on a whim and wasn't really sure if we'd raise anything at all. I have to say im totally overwhelmed by the support we've had, and even though its been said a million times before, shetland people, you are amoung the kindest in the world. And of course, thank you too all who have got us this far, your hearts are golden.


lets hope im thanking everyone this time next year for helping us reaching the total 😉😊😙

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