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Day 17: Post-Craniectomy
Update posted by Michael Floyd Manding On Mar 15

Day 17: It's day 17 post-Craniectomy and my cousin is so surprised to find out that Papa Marcos is now able to open his eyes for the first time after the surgery. He is now more combative every time the nurses suction secretions. A CT-scan of the brain was also done earlier today.

I have already received donations from my first two donors. My heartfelt thanks to my kind hearted friends Espen Olsen and Robert Kelly for showing love and care. God bless!


Kuya Steven! I’m deeply touched by the love and care you’ve shown. I’m teary-eyed. You are such a kind soul. God bless you and your family.

Michael Floyd Manding

Update posted by Mar 17


God bless!

Dong Lin

Update posted by Mar 16

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