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2D Echo Test for Gestalt Today
Update posted by John Abrena On Mar 09

Gestalt will be undergoing his 2D Echocardiography test this day. 2D Echo will be scanning his heart, check the status of each tissue and artery to know if KD progressed this far. We will know the results as soon as possible, and we will be posting it here.

Please pray for Gestalt.

EDIT as of 4:41PM GMT+8

We have received confirmation about the status of his heart. One of the main arteries doubled the size of the other one, with the right at 0.26 cm and the left at 0.14 cm. He will be proceeding with his treatment tomorrow.

Please do share this page more. As his treatment is ongoing, we plan to be more proactive on attaining the funds needed for his treatments. To those that contributed, we can't thank you enough, really. May God bless us all.