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A Sigh of Relief
Update posted by Stacy Hall On Mar 06

Stormy went to the vet today; singing the song of his people from the crate in the backseat.

After a thorough once over by the vet they've given him a clean bill of health. NO BROKEN LEG!!! She said he has a couple of puncture wounds there, so it's likely a slightly abscessed wound. He's been given an antibiotic injection that is supposed to last a couple of weeks, and they said we should see some improvement in his use of that leg once it starts to heal. They also tested for worms and fleas; no worms at all, and only a few fleas, so topical preventatives have been applied. And last but not least there was a rabies shot and microchipping, so he's officially part of the family.

Because his injuries aren't more serious we're going to stop the funding campaign. The money you have all donated has covered the vet bills for getting him on the road to recoveryville, and that was the most important part.

Thank you, all of you, for donating and/or sharing this to help get him back to health. Your generosity has been overwhelming to all of us. <3

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