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The Attacks Begin
Update posted by Mark Black On Feb 14

Peace, Family! So, a quick update. There is a Facebook group that has reported this campaign to GoGetFunding, triggering an investigation of me personally. I am willing to comply and have also reached out to people to engage Chanel's family.

Here you can read a post where both I and Chanel are called savages, and "demonic breed". These people are not interested in justice for our brother at all. They want revenge.

There has been no trial, only charges laid, yet this same individual has called Chanel a "Certified Rapist and Murderer". This continued effort to try Chanel in the court of public opinion is just one more example of the consistent denial of justice for Chanel specificially, and Black people generally. However, you can help!

First, I am working to contact Chanel's family and let them know that we support them. Even if it's through intermediaries, that's fine. So, if you have any information to assist in this, it would be greatly appreciated. Second, please go here and here and let these people know that justice will NOT be denied for anyone involved in this case. We will not stand for yet another person's character destroyed and maligned in the press. We will not allow Whiteism to grind yet another Black life under it's heels. Thank you and stand by. More information is coming.