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Update - February 11th - A Note from Cathy & Kevin
Update posted by Caitlin Mayberry On Feb 11

From Cathy & Kevin:

Today we have a mass sorting to do at the house. Stuff we want them to try hard to save, and the stuff we don't want them to waste time or insurance money on.

We have not found a place to go yet. We will but it is proving difficult with the dogs. It is also a bad time of year for rentals. We would love to be north of Main Street somewhere. Staying in Stouffville is important to us. Looking for a 4 bedroom...big enough for the 5 of us and our pups. We found a perfect one just below Hoover Park - vacant no less - and the landlord has refused us due to our dogs.

If you hear or know of anything, please message me.

It is impossible for us to thank each and every one of you for all of your kindness and support during this terrible time in our lives. But please know you are all keeping us going, making us smile and making us feel less like we are alone. Life does go on, and that is hard to deal with, but knowing we have all of you helping us through makes it more bearable. Onward and upward right?

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