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RABIES TEST: PASS! next steps....
Update posted by Jess Holliday On Jun 27

Biscuit update:

Delighted, and relieved, to say we received the essential PASS certification (on the Rabies Titer Test) from the UK test centre in May, which meant Biscuit was officially allowed to enter Europe!! This system/piece of paper bypasses the old quarantine process, so in effect he could walk off the plane in Europe.

So, it was on to the next step.... booking flights!

A new law was passed in April in the UK that dogs were not allowed to fly into the UK as excess baggage, only as (the more expensive) cargo. This only applies to the UK, the rest of Europe happily still accepts dogs as excess baggage.

So, I decided to take advantage of that and fly into Amsterdam instead, where I have friends.

Flights all booked through Aeroflot, an amazingly helpful Russian airline, so we're going via Moscow! Their excess baggage charge for a dog in the hold is only $75, vs cargo flight into UK of potentially £450. No brainer. "Animal in the hold" confirmed and flight booked out of Delhi for the 12th July.

My plan is for us to stay in Amsterdam for a few weeks, then drive to the UK via the Eurotunnel, who allows dogs in the car no problem - nice loophole there.

Watch out Britain, Biscuits coming to get you!

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