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American Teen Beauty Reality Show
Update posted by Miriam Crawford On Feb 02

Hello All this is my update to gain some donations for a project that I've been working on. Today I met this young lady she had to be around 14 or 15 years old with two baby now I'm not going to get in to her life story but yes this young lady had a bad upbringing. As I was talking to her and playing with her two month old baby all I was thinking about is my two girls and how It's important for me to put this project out there to help young ladies that really need it. I ask this young mother where the father for her two babies she told me that her oldest son she don't know who's his father was but for her two months old son his father left her when she got pregnant so it's just her two sons and herself. As we both was talking I can see the tears in her eyes as she was telling my how hard it is for her being so young with two kids without an education. Now we all know that it this is going on in today's world I can go on with this young lady life but her life is so what like mines as I was a kid and a teen. I told her about my project she was telling me that people like her need something like this because to many reality shows that is out there now it's all about sex and fun not about the real word that so many of young people is not ready for. Now this is not just her or my problems this is all of our problems we all need to start trying too make a change in today's world. Michael Jackson said it right in his song the man in the mirror ( MAKE THAT CHANGE) Please help donate and help pass the word around. Thank you

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