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Challenges faced by our whole clan.
Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Feb 21

On my mother side we have my last uncle who is scheduled for operation but didn’t push thru because of financial challenges. On my father side, all of his siblings (He is the only boy) have medical and financial challenges. Before New year my aunties went to manila and one of the went there for a check up and second (2nd) opinion on her feet and still at her son’s house recovering and have difficulties with walking. My other auntie went back here in Bicol and after 2 weeks went to Sorsogon for a check up and second (2nd) opinion of the infection on her feet because of diabetes and was admitted and confine for more than a week in the same hospital and undergo two (2) minor operations to remove rotten flesh in both of her feet and need blood transfusion, she is still recovering in the ward. My other auntie who lives in Pampanga started her challenge last December with her husband which had kidney problems and undergo dialysis and maintenance frequently. And Lastly, another auntie which lives in Cavite have been taking care for her husband which had his feet amputated because of diabetes.


Why I set the 13th day of the month of February as the end of the campaign and now March 13. It’s not because February 14 was Valentine’s day but because it marks how many months my mom’s is here in the hospital. And last February 13 marks the third (3) month she is confine in the hospital.

February 14, 2017 Failed Valentine's Day Fan Sign while feeding mami.


In the positive side my mom pulled her NGT yet again, the tube which is inserted in her nose up to her stomach for feeding purposes, 3 days ago. The doctors recommend to feed my mom naturally thru her mouth and to observe if she can tolerate swallowing. For the first 2 days it was very hard to feed my mom and frequently she coughs due to the tracheotomy irritation. But It had gradually lessen but it is still hard and need lots of patience in feeding my mom.

February 8, 2017 Surprised visit of Dad who traveled more than 1 hour to touch my mom, because he is already blind due to glaucoma.

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