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The Launch
Update posted by Kylen Feltes On Nov 28

This is the first crowdfunding project I have ever done. I am so excited! I know Dream Closet is an extremely well deserving cause because it impacts so many.

We are big on empowerment. Confidence, compassion, and community is what we stand for.

We bring confidence to the college students who lead this organization at their Universities + Confidence to our shoppers of any age. Our goal is to make them feel like it's their day! It's a special day just for them.

Compassion and love are the basis of human existence. We have to give compassion to create a beautiful world for everyone. We believe we are on the right track.

These events bring the entire community together. A community that works together is a community full of joy.

With your help, we can become a legal Non-Profit entity. This would help us receive brand new clothing from retailers when they clearance items are not purchased. *Some stores will throw those in the garbage!* We want to cycle those pieces to those who need it.

I am elated to be launching this and I appreciate even $1 because despite popular belief - a little bit does go a long way.

Thank you!


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