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September 2018 - What a month!
Update posted by Evie Soldatos On Oct 03

Just got through a whirlwind of a month; highs and lows, hellos and goodbyes.

The Gang
Last month I reported that Chryssoula the lovely older grey cat who's been here for years went missing; sadly she hasn't appeared. I can only assume she has died as it is not at all like her to stay away this long.
Three young kittens arrived (all separately); the youngest, only a couple of weeks old who was named Tango died the night he arrived, despite efforts to keep him going.
Pepe who was rescued from wandering alone on a road is being fostered in advance of heading to a forever home elsewhere in Europe. His first foster mum who brought him to me is very attached to him but one of her dogs was not at all keen on him, so he is here.
Not long after Pepe arrived, Latte came; he was found by one of our local dog rescuers alone eating puppy food at her puppy enclosure. After initial misgivings, Pepe and Latte have become the best of companions, they play, eat and sleep together and are really, really cute :-) I am sad that they will be separated once Pepe leaves for his forever home and I am sure they will miss each other.
There are a couple of other new faces; one black and white kitten about 5 months old that has turned up to feeding times alone and some new older tabbies. Once again I have no idea where they came from.

The sick list
Linus, Gerry and Sooty are on on the TLC list, all 3 are underweight and need higher calorie food and Linus has needed antibiotics for his cat flu. Pleasingly Gerry has been sponsored by Victoria who supplements his food supply and sends treats over for him; she so wanted to adopt him but has 2 dogs at home and knows this cannot be.
Pepe and Latte have also needed antibiotics and special Recuperation fluid when their condition started failing not long after they arrived; thankfully they are now doing really well. It has certainly been a big month medication and special supplies wise.

Population Control
Thanks to some sponsorship from Animal Care Lefkas, 3 males have been neutered this month (Sooty, Linus and Red) and 2 females have been sponsored for spaying as soon as I can catch them! The targets are Callie and Lacey who are both about 1 year old and have been living here most of their lives amongst a large group of males after being brought by their mother Misty.

It's been an amazing month for fundraising. My dear friend and supporter Victoria held 3 separate fund raising events for the Cat Sanctuary as well as for Sallie, an amazing local who works tirelessly for dogs in need.
A ladies' wine and cheese evening and 2 quiz nights at local bars raised a fantastic total of 517.23 euro. These funds enabled me to settle outstanding accounts at the vet clinic (150) and at the supermarket (60), stock up on food (both wet and dry), particularly special kitten food and pay for medication (antibiotics, cortisone, worming and flea control).
The monthly food bill is usually about 150 euros but this has blown out with the kittens and the additional feeding those on the sick list need to achieve a better state of health. Whilst a lot of the funds raised have already been used; I still have some in reserve for ongoing needs and this will be a nice change from getting into debt.
A number of additional donations came through to this page as well as the couple of regular monthly donations; these will enable me to get some more sterilisations done and deal with the inevitable curve balls; something I just haven't been able to afford to date and I will report on these as they happen.

Other donations and help
I was thrilled and surprised to receive a gift of a fantastic cat tower from Hello Pets - a pet store in the main town on the island and it's been fantastic for entertaining the kittens and aiding their physical development. The older cats love it too!!! I also bought a couple of other toys since there are so many cats to occupy here!!
I have been given kitten formulas and bottles that were no longer needed by others and these are great to have on hand.
There have been a number of donations of food and that's always welcome :-)
A dear friend Billie has been coming by to play with and cuddle the kittens, something they can't have too much of; a welcome opportunity for me to get some other things done at home.

September is going to be hard to top!!!!

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