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Stocktake and the next steps....
Update posted by Evie Soldatos On Sep 07

Well nearly 2 weeks ago I arrived back from a 2 month visit back to my family in Australia.

While I was gone,my brother, who arrived a couple of days before I left, took over cat care at our little sanctuary and made sure the gang didn't go hungry or have other needs go unnoticed. I so appreciate my brother's efforts especially since he has some reservations about us having so many cats here (which followed him around everywhere).

Since I have returned I have been taking stock of who is here and what their condition is and attending to paying the costs associated with having the felines fed while I was gone. My very supportive local supermarket was good enough to put the cat food my brother picked up in my absence on a tab for me and I have paid that since I got back. I still have 150 euros outstanding at the vet clinic for Gerry's care and stitching up of Squeak's back which was so badly injured in June.

At this stage most cats have been accounted for in addition to a couple of newbies however there is a significant absence.... Chryssoula, my longest standing rescue, a beautiful grey cat who I have been through a lot with is Missing In Action. i had been holding off writing this update, hoping she would turn up but not so far and this is totally uncharacteristic and not a good sign. My brother said he had not seen her for a week or two before I got back. I hope she is somewhere else getting fussed over but truth is, I fear the worst.

I had similar fears for Sooty who came to me earlier this year very sick with the flu and who I treated here after I got him vet care. He was absent until today when he suddenly appeared outside the kitchen door, still a tad skinny and has since come in for food. I hope he stays put for a bit as he is on the neutering list....

Brothers Bubble and Squeak are fine - Squeak's wound has healed up beautifully and he has turned into a bit of an alpha male here with a tendency to harass the other cats at times. Titch, Theo, Cleo, Gin, Tab-Tab, Red, Callie, Goliath, Lacey, Linus, Tigger, Misty and a couple of as yet unnamed tabbies are here as before, one with breasts heavy with milk so obviously feeding kittens that she has hidden somewhere, perhaps to bring up here when they are old enough. There is a new kitten coming up for meals but staying out of sight otherwise; a beautiful black with white patches cat probably 3 months old. I cannot link this little one to a female and it is always alone. There are a couple of other new faces too and I will need to find some new names as the stocktake goes on.

Where to from here?

Even though I have had a number of the males neutered I still have quite a few to get done and at least 3 females that I can identify as of today. Gerry, Linus and Sooty need fattening up big time as they are painfully skinny so this will require some kitten food which is richer in calories. Linus may need some antibiotics and cortisone in addition to neutering as he is still battling flu symptoms despite having initially made a good improvement.

As always I am incredibly grateful for the support I get because I just cannot afford this endeavour without it; to be honest, even with it I struggle but the cats never go hungry and are never denied care even if it means I incur a debt. Tomorrow evening a dear friend and neighbour is holding a fundraising wine and cheese evening for local ladies at her home and has identified my little cat sanctuary to support as well as a fantastic local dog cause. I am so humbled by this gesture and looking forward to going :-)

Much love to all the animal lovers out there for now; will try to update a little sooner next time!

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