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Update posted by Jen Crook On Nov 24

Haggis is doing really really well and seems completely Haggissy again, which is amazing, so thank you to all those who helped make that possible!! Every so often I get a moment of looking any her and not being able to understand how she is alive after those seven horrendously emotional days in ICU. Thank you!

There is slight concern that she is still not stretching properly and still on pain killers, so there is something going on in her chest and at this point perhaps the need for an X-Ray and / or some scans. She has also been very thirsty since she came off the antibiotics and I am waiting to hear back from the hospital about this.

Campaign wise, I have had to extend it again as, although it has changed a little in tone since Haggis is no longer critical, I still need to raise the money to be able to pay for her treatment, so I am finding new places to share and promote the page to try keep the drips and drabs rolling in. Things haven't stopped completely but they have slowed considerably, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a response to the page. If anyone who is following or who reads this update has any ideas to suggest or additional places where they could promote or share, it would be hugely appreciated if you got in touch or went ahead and posted anywhere you think might be useful. Thank you again!

And for this positive update, Haggis high up in the Pentlands on a very normal walk we did recently!! :)

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